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Why document public art?


Why document public art, on the Gold Coast in particular?

  • Public art is unique.
  • Public art is an important historical and social record.
  • Public art is disappearing. The Gold Coast has developed at a phenomenal rate since the first high-rise, ‘Lennon’s Hotel’ was constructed in 1955. The iconic neon motel signs like the ‘Pink Poodle’, that used to line the Gold Coast Highway are almost a thing of the past. Not to mention those works that have been lost, destroyed, removed or stolen over the years.
  • Art is meant to be looked at and enjoyed, but if you don’t know where it is how can you enjoy it?
  • Nobody has ever done this kind of study within the Gold Coast region.


Definition of public art


The Gold Coast City Council’s Cultural Development Public Art Policy defines the term ‘Public Art’  as, “a term that is applied to works created for specific public spaces, by artists, designers and other arts and craft workers, including collaborations with musicians, writers and other performing artists… public art is always site-specific, relating directly to its physical, historical and/or cultural environment.”

For the purposes of this documentation project I would like to add, ‘usually outside and accessible to all’.

From my point of view public art can include:

Water features, murals, monuments, memorials, sculpture, pavement art, street furniture, lighting, highway banners, manhole covers, windows, neon signs and other iconic signage, graffiti, guerilla art, sticker art, bridges, entrance ways, fencing, earthworks/land art, political art, and performance works.

Public artworks can be permanent, temporary, ephemeral, integral or freestanding, monumental or discrete, commissioned through funding programs, commercial schemes or initiated by artists.

Donate a wall


The City of Hayward has taken a proactive approach to their Public Art Mural Program. Taking a preventative approach to fighting graffiti they are calling for business owners who are the victims of graffiti vandalism to donate a wall. The wall will then be used by artists to create a mural expressing the neighbourhoods cultural and historical significance.

My aim… to make public art accessible


My Mission is to seek, find and accurately document all the public art on the Gold Coast. Its about placemaking… engaging people by encouraging them, through art, to interact with a places and spaces… while uncovering the unique character that determines a sense of place and gives it a distince identity.

Creating an illustragted cataologues raissones of public art within the the Gold Coast region through research, photography and mapping.