Picasso’s ephemeral graffiti

Light photography

Pablo Picasso by Gjon Mili

Long before it became hip Pablo Picasso was experimenting with light graffiti or light art.  Picasso was captured using a small flashlight in a darkened room at Madoura Pottery by photographer Gjon Mili for LIFE magazine in 1949. The significance of these light drawings is in the way they capture the process of Picasso’s drawing from beginning to end,  the image capturing the instinctive connection between the hand and the creative thought process.



About Suzette Sayer

As part of my role as heritage consultant I am constantly on the look out for iconic forms of design and architecture. My current project is a grass roots initiative to create a Mobile Museum that captures the stories of the Gold Coast through community interactions in temporary pop-up exhibitions. The project aims to be facilitated through the Hip! (Heritage in Paradise) Mobile, a vintage style tear drop caravan equipped with a recording studio, and room for exhibition materials. So join us on this journey of discovery and help us uncover HIP! Suzette Sayer

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