Casuarina Sculpture Walk


Artist: Andy Scott

An arts initiative by the developers of Casuarina Beach Domain Resort who have committed $1 million over 7 years beginning in 2006.  A joint undertaking with the Tweed River Art Gallery the sculpture competition is held each July.

The 6 sculptures (so far selected) are set along a board walk that runs along an almost deserted beach of wide white sand. There is a barbecue area, children’s playground, and beach access. The walk is pleasant but I would not go out of my way to view the works unless the competition was on.


About Suzette Sayer

As part of my role as heritage consultant I am constantly on the look out for iconic forms of design and architecture. My current project is a grass roots initiative to create a Mobile Museum that captures the stories of the Gold Coast through community interactions in temporary pop-up exhibitions. The project aims to be facilitated through the Hip! (Heritage in Paradise) Mobile, a vintage style tear drop caravan equipped with a recording studio, and room for exhibition materials. So join us on this journey of discovery and help us uncover HIP! Suzette Sayer

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