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Invisible cultural institutions


In my reading for Virtual Heritage – AIM715 Deakin University I have been disturbed by the idea that those cultural institutions who do not use Web 2.0 are literally invisible to a large part of the public. They do not have the tools to start a conversation, engage an audience, or be a platform for public involvement.

Shockingly for a city that is the 6th most populated city in Australia, none of our cultural institutions have a social media presence. Partly, I believe, it is the combination of fear of; the unknown, what the public might have to say, losing control over the content, losing the ‘authoritative’ presence, losing the authentic experience; as well as accessibility issues, and lack of management support.

So it has been decided that as a volunteer initiative a fellow cultural heritage aficionado and I are going to set up a social media campaign primarily for the Gold Coast’s non-profit cultural heritage institutions such as the GC Historical Society. Using Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, we aim to blog, tweet and post about the happenings, issues, and dramas of cultural heritage work on the Gold Coast. We aim to ‘go live’ in a months time after discussions with those in the field, so keep an eye out for us then.


Museum of Contemporary Art, Rio de Janeiro


Museum of Contemporary Art - Rio

Opened in 1986 Rio’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) known as Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niteróiis  is a scene stealer. Designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer it houses  a permanent collection of paintings and sculptures from Brazilian artists whose works span five decades.

The permanent works are on renewable loan from Brazilian private collector Joao Sattamini, who has assembled one of the largest private collections of contemporary art.

This is the link for the Museum, unfortunately I could not find a version in English.

Oscar Niemeyer also designed the NovoMuseu Museum in Curitiba, Brazil, another fabulously designed building.