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It’s a great place to die…

Pyjamas in Paradise

Pyjamas in Paradise

The Pyjamas in Paradise performance at the GCAC bought back some great memories on Saturday night. Had the best time. You can book tickets here.

Songs from the 50s and 60s straight off my parents old LPs. Flashbacks to the Gold Coast’s early development when ‘big, white, towers’ were only a dream, and Paula Stafford’s bikinis where creating havoc on the beaches. Accommodation like the  iconic ‘Pink Poodle’, the Beachcomber, and Tiki Village, were popular honeymoon destinations. If you didn’t get the  reference to the real Pink Poodle on stage, that was it.

It was a shame they didn’t give the dog credits.

PS. The title is a tongue in check reference, from the performance, to the Gold Coast being a great place to retire to.


Invisible cultural institutions


In my reading for Virtual Heritage – AIM715 Deakin University I have been disturbed by the idea that those cultural institutions who do not use Web 2.0 are literally invisible to a large part of the public. They do not have the tools to start a conversation, engage an audience, or be a platform for public involvement.

Shockingly for a city that is the 6th most populated city in Australia, none of our cultural institutions have a social media presence. Partly, I believe, it is the combination of fear of; the unknown, what the public might have to say, losing control over the content, losing the ‘authoritative’ presence, losing the authentic experience; as well as accessibility issues, and lack of management support.

So it has been decided that as a volunteer initiative a fellow cultural heritage aficionado and I are going to set up a social media campaign primarily for the Gold Coast’s non-profit cultural heritage institutions such as the GC Historical Society. Using Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, we aim to blog, tweet and post about the happenings, issues, and dramas of cultural heritage work on the Gold Coast. We aim to ‘go live’ in a months time after discussions with those in the field, so keep an eye out for us then.

Cultural marketta


The Rabbit and Cocoon arts precinct, an artists run initiative, are launching the first Miami Marketta this Friday night, 5-10pm. 48 stalls will exhibit fashion, art and furniture followed on Sunday with a gourmet food market.

The Friday night arts creative will be held once a month (9th Sept, 14 Oct, 11 Nov, 9 Dec), while the gourmet food market will be held every Sunday 6.30am – 12 noon, at Hillcrest Parade, Miami.

Phone 0417 728 844



Explosion of colour

Gold Coast Arts Centre

Gold Coast Quilters Guild Exhibition

Quilts are visual stories of memories and identity transpired through textiles. Each stitch and choice of  fabric provides insights into the lives of the people who created the works. On show at the  Gold Coast Arts Center is the annual exhibition by the Gold Coast Quilters Guild   A combination of traditional and contemporary works of art, both original and interpretative, are on show until the 24 July in Gallery 2.Vote for your favourite work while you are there.

Currumbin to Coolangatta public art trail


Documenting all the public art on the Gold Coast has taken a great leap forward. My work with the Gold Coast City Council has me canvasing every nook and cranny of the area between Currumbin and Coolangatta in order to create a complete record of the areas public art works. One of the primary aims is to create the Gold Coast’s first public art trail, which will be the forerunner to other trails around the coast.

Rhino Beetle Sculpture to be replaced


Rhino, Daniel Clemment

On November 15-16, 2009 this sculpture, worth A$15,000, was stolen from Oxenford Park on the corner of Cottonwood Place and Tamborine Oxenford Road, Oxenford, Gold Coast. This month the Gold Coast City Council will be calling for expressions of interest from local artists for a replacement sculpture.