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It’s a great place to die…

Pyjamas in Paradise

Pyjamas in Paradise

The Pyjamas in Paradise performance at the GCAC bought back some great memories on Saturday night. Had the best time. You can book tickets here.

Songs from the 50s and 60s straight off my parents old LPs. Flashbacks to the Gold Coast’s early development when ‘big, white, towers’ were only a dream, and Paula Stafford’s bikinis where creating havoc on the beaches. Accommodation like theĀ  iconic ‘Pink Poodle’, the Beachcomber, and Tiki Village, were popular honeymoon destinations. If you didn’t get theĀ  reference to the real Pink Poodle on stage, that was it.

It was a shame they didn’t give the dog credits.

PS. The title is a tongue in check reference, from the performance, to the Gold Coast being a great place to retire to.


Why document public art?


Why document public art, on the Gold Coast in particular?

  • Public art is unique.
  • Public art is an important historical and social record.
  • Public art is disappearing. The Gold Coast has developed at a phenomenal rate since the first high-rise, ‘Lennon’s Hotel’ was constructed in 1955. The iconic neon motel signs like the ‘Pink Poodle’, that used to line the Gold Coast Highway are almost a thing of the past. Not to mention those works that have been lost, destroyed, removed or stolen over the years.
  • Art is meant to be looked at and enjoyed, but if you don’t know where it is how can you enjoy it?
  • Nobody has ever done this kind of study within the Gold Coast region.